Student Handbook

About the Handbook

This handbook provides information on a number of aspects of a student’s life at ACAP. The following pages contain information and links to resources and policies, information about students’ rights and obligations, course administration and enrolment information, and principal dates for enrolments, examinations, graduations.

More information on services and resources that ACAP provides can be found under the Current Students tab.

Information contained in this Handbook may be altered, amended or deleted from time to time. Pages that are linked to the handbook and the information that they contain are considered part of the handbook and are also kept up to date and are changed from time to time. As students agree to be bound and abide by the policies, procedures and terms set out in this Handbook they are advised to always check the current version.

About ACAP

Here you can find out more about ACAP's vision and mission, how our courses are accredited, ethical standards and the refund policy.


Everything you need to know about enrolment is contained in the Enrolment Policy of the College. This includes how to re-enrol each term, what to do if you need a break from studying (we call this 'deferring'), how to change a unit or subject ('variation of enrolment'), how to transfer to a different course and important information about withdrawing from a unit or subject or from a course.

Student Services

Do you need support with your assignments, want to learn more about referencing or need to speak to a Counsellor? View this section here.

Key Dates

All important key dates to be aware of as a student such as census and re-enrolment dates, workshops dates or to find out when the next term starts.


Polices guide almost everything that happens at ACAP. All students are bound by the policies contained on the policies page of the website.

Applying for Credit (Higher Education)

Do you want to get previous studies and/or work experience recognised? Recognition of Prior Learning is relevant to particular ACAP courses. Click here to find out more information. 

Assessment (Higher Education)

Everything you need to know about assessments, e.g. how to submit them, how to apply for an extension if you miss the due date or information about plagiarism - for students enrolled in either the Bachelor of Applied Social Science, the Graduate Diploma of Counselling or the Master of Applied Social Science.

Assessment (Vocational Education)

Are you enrolled in either the CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) or the CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling and need information about how to submit an assessment or what to do when an assessment due date has passed?


Students are advised to attend all scheduled classes; however, some allowances are made for misadventure. Each school has attendance requirements which must be met.

Student Advisory Committee and Student Representatives

Feedback from our students is very important - read more about how students are involved in (or how you can get involved in) improving the learning experience at ACAP.

Appeals and Grievances

Has something gone wrong and you feel like appealing a decision made or escalate a situation? We take any complaints and disputes seriously and here you can find a step-by-step procedure for the resolution of appeals and grievances. Click here to lodge your complaint or grievance using ACAP’s online portal.

Fees and Refunds

Click here for information on course fees, Fee-Help or VET Student Loans and other costs to consider.

Student Conduct

We expect our students to always practise honesty and integrity, especially when it comes to writing assignments - Click here and make sure you familiarise yourself with what academic misconduct means and how to avoid it.