Graduate Certificate of Applied Coaching


The Graduate Certificate of Applied Coaching is designed to provide specialised and applied training in leadership coaching. This training will equip individuals to provide leadership coaching to individuals and managers so they can develop the core leadership skills required to improve performance, effectively lead organisations and teams and support individuals during challenging times. 

This course equips students with the most current, evidence-based theories and techniques to transform the lives of others. The coaching methodologies covered in this course draw from the disciplines that specialise in the art and science of change, growth and transformation – psychological sciences, neuroscience, human behavioural science and organisational psychology. 

Our training, centred around ICF Core Competencies, offers highly experiential, theory and practice based learning which deep dive into coaching knowledge that can be applied in professional contexts.

Lead instructors

  • Tracy Tresidder MCC
  • Belinda MacInness MCC
  • Jeanine Bailey MCC
  • Renata Porzig-Drummond, ACC
  • Dr Sallie Grey,
  • Jill Macnaught

This course is intended for business professionals who want to make a difference in other peoples lives. Graduate pathways include:

  • Human resources, people and culture programs
  • Internal leadership coach within an organisation
  • Private coaching practice 
  • Self-employed coach
  • Consultancy to organisations
  • Other professional services such as facilitation and education

Please see this link for the current timetable


Degree Name

Graduate Certificate of Applied Coaching

Degree Code


Level of Qualification

Graduate Certificate


Two trimesters, full time or part time equivalent study^

Number of Units

4 units of study 

Study Load

2 units per trimester (total of 4 units)



Award Title

Graduate Certificate of Applied Coaching


This course is taught in English

^Maximum permitted duration 4 years, subject to regulatory or professional association requirements

Course Sequence

Each of the 4 units in the Graduate Certificate of Applied Coaching consists of 3 hours per week of live Zoom classes, held over 12 weeks, which equates to 36 hours per unit, and 144 hours over the entire Course. Please see this link for a summary of our delivery methods.


Unit of Study

Credit Points


COAC5006 Fundamentals of Coaching Theory and Practice



COAC5016 Coaching for Professional Wellbeing and Resilience



COAC5026 Coaching for Sustainable Leadership



COAC5036 Applied Coaching Skills


This course is delivered via live Zoom interactive classes.

Graduate Attributes

Through their study and professional interactions at ACAP, graduates can expect to develop the specified attributes below.

Graduate Attribute 1: Communicate. Apply effective communication skills with others in diverse contexts and through multiple modalities. 

Graduate Attribute 2: Sustain: Sustain an intentional commitment to maintain currency and further develop knowledge and skills over their lifetime.

Graduate Attribute 3: Think. Apply critical, creative and flexible thinking to contribute and respond constructively across diverse settings.

Graduate Attribute 4: Engage. Engage effectively with contemporary and traditional knowledge across multiple contexts.

Graduate Attribute 5: Wellbeing. Utilise skills and know how to maintain resilience, personal and professional wellbeing when responding to challenges and opportunities

Graduate Attribute 6: Equality. Enact inclusive practices that deliver social justice and equality of opportunity

Graduate Attribute 7: Integrity. Apply integrity and ethical standards to study, research and practice

Graduate Attribute 8: Community. Use teamwork and leadership knowledge and skills to advance teams, groups and communities

Graduate Attribute 9: Global. Apply culturally sensitive professional knowledge and skills to contribute to a sustainable global future

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an advanced theoretical and technical knowledge of leadership coaching and relevant industry standards for contemporary professional coaching practice.
  2. Critically analyse, synthesise, evaluate and apply evidence based coaching research and techniques to generate innovative coaching interventions.
  3. Demonstrate professional practice and problem solving using ethical principles, processes and cultural responsiveness to support diverse applications of coaching. 
  4. Professionally apply knowledge and skills to effectively demonstrate sophisticated levels of reflection, communication and responsibility as a leadership coach and life-long learner.