Changes to Psychological Science in 2021

UPCOMING CHANGES: Discipline of Psychological Sciences Courses in 2021

As part of the regular process of re-accreditation of our courses by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), all our courses have been revised to address the new accreditation standards released in 2019 and to respond to feedback from students about some of the things you would like to see. The Bachelor of Psychology Science (Honours) revised program has already been launched and the revised versions of other courses will be launching in Trimester 1, 2021.


Click on the buttons below that correspond to your course to see specific details of the changes:

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What courses are changing?

All of our courses have recently undergone a review and been revised. The Bachelor of Psychology Science (Honours) revised program has already been launched and the revised versions of other courses will be launching in Trimester 1, 2021. 


What are the overall changes?

There are changes to individual courses and there are also broad changes that impact all of the courses which include: 

1. Introducing entry every trimester for all our courses 

2. Expanding to offer courses across a wider range of ACAP campuses 

3. In the undergraduate courses and both the Graduate Certificate of Psychological Science and Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science we are reducing the reliance on lectures and increasing the small group tutorial time 

4. Aligning with the other disciplines by teaching over 12 and not 10 weeks 


What are the changes to individual courses?

There is detailed information about the specific changes to individual courses available by clicking on the buttons above.


When will changes take effect?

The revised course takes effect from T1, 2021. If you are due to complete their course at the end of 2020 will not be affected by these changes.  


How will changes affect me?

Depending on your course progression, you will have different units to undertake and/or select. The proposed changes will not affect your course progression or add time to the length of your study. We will ensure this by providing credit for all the units you have completed, as of the end of Trimester 3, 2020.We have been reviewing everyone’s progression to date and will be sending you individual information about the impact of the changes on your specific situation shortly.  


I have a question.  Who can I ask?

Details of the course coordinators for all of our courses are available here or alternatively, you can email us at and one of the team will respond as soon as possible.